How to Select the Best Anti-Virus Software?

Computer users have an almost unlimited number of choices when it comes to antivirus software packages. These software packages range from downloadable free trials from the internet to software that can be purchased online. Despite this overwhelming variety of selection, it is still a daunting task to select the best antivirus software that will fit our computer needs and online activities. There are some antivirus packages that can be considered bad, some just mediocre, while others can be considered extremely efficient and top of the line. Below are some of the criteria that users might want to consider when selecting their antivirus software.


User Friendly

Not all users of antivirus are experienced and knowledgeable in setting up some of the advanced features offered by these packages. Because of this, an outstanding antivirus software must be simple to use both for beginners and for advanced users. The software should be easy to install and configure. The default configurations must also be the ideal settings for common users. If you need to use the interface to change settings, it should be intuitive and easy for beginners. The best antivirus software is the kind you simply install on your system and then let it do its work while you are doing your own. The new Dashboard of Bitdefender exemplifies a very user friendly interface. It is very intuitive and simple.


Home Users Vs Business Users

There are plenty of choices on the market for both home and business users. Our favorite business software solution was Bitdefender’s GravityZone Business Security. The software features some interesting tech and is competitively priced. We used a Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Coupon from a┬ácoupon website and got 40% off. For home users we recommend either Norton Security Premium or Bitdefender Total Security 2020. Both products are equally powerful in their own right and provide excellent protection. In essence, all the essential things that you’ll require as a user: home or business, remain the same. The only real differences are the business oriented features – but the core principles of protection are the same.


Effective at Identifying and Cleaning Viruses

Have you ever had an antivirus that tells you about a virus and then cannot clean it? And then it will keep telling you this and not allow you to do anything else. The best antivirus software spots infected files fast through scanning viruses from a multitude of sources, including email, IM, and web browsing. But an antivirus must not stop there; truly capable antivirus software systematically cleans, deletes or quarantines infected files preventing them from infecting other files in your system.


Lightning-fast Scans

Scanning speed is also important for it is a measure of efficiency. Slow antivirus scans and updates tend to get in the way of our usual computer activities. If the antivirus is very slow, users have the tendency to pause or completely turn of the software just to get rid of its nasty performance effects. This will practically render your antivirus application useless. This is one of the striking features of the new ESET NOD. NOD is built for speed and after its installation, you will never notice it there.


Antivirus Combos

Viruses are only one of the threats you face as a computer user. Spyware, worms, phishing scams, spam are just some of the long list threats that computer users face daily. In fact, for most people these days spyware is a far greater danger than viruses. A complete antivirus combo allows antivirus software to provide absolute protection. The best programs are those that offer a wide variety of tools. These include anti-spyware, anti-malware, rootkit detection, parental controls and email screening. This innovation was perfectly applied by Vipre in its unified antivirus and anti-spyware software.

Despite the benefits of having a single security suite to protect your computer from all types of threats, there are some drawbacks to these combination programs. First, the interface can get a little chaotic making the array of options is too complex and difficult to navigate. Second, individual components in a suite are not necessarily top caliber, many times you are much further ahead to purchase these individual components separately to get the best software in each category of protection.


Frequent Virus Definition Updates

What happens if your Anti-virus software manufacturer only updates once a week? Well your computer is left vulnerable to hundreds of new viruses and other malware for that entire week! This means that frequent updates are vital to the effectiveness of your antivirus. Whichever program you choose, make sure you keep it up to date. New threats emerge on an almost daily basis, so even the best anti-virus program is only as good as its last update. Due to the new feature of Norton known as pulse updates, a new standard was set for virus definition updates for it updates your virus definitions every 5-15 minutes.